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Concert review: Words First Live

Spoken word poetry is one of the most exciting forms of artistic expression around today. On Saturday 4th June, six of its leading lights, aged 16-25, brought down the ceiling at the Roundhouse. After six months of mentoring by some of the leading talent on the spoken word scene, their specially written pieces were something […]

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Poem – Self-conscious cage

How dare we let a glossy page trap us in a self-conscious cage? It’s criminal. It’s cruel. It sets us up for our fall… Product after product. We drive ourselves insane. Striving for perfection is as addictive as cocaine. Now pause before you assume I only speak for I. I speak for all the boys […]

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Poem – Just one

Tortured, abused, burnt and bruised. You stop, I look dead, but nothing is said. You turn to leave, you lock the door I lay there feeling like death on the floor. I’m just one of the many forced into slavery. One of the many who can’t find their bravery. I wash your clothes, I scrub […]

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Poem – I refuse

I’m not one to say I’ve never used words with intentions to offend. But equally I can say I’ve not done the same to defend. Cause I’ve now realised that my silence is deadlier than my violence. Not to speak out means alliance, so the right thing is defiance. I refuse not to fight back, […]

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Exposure Works With BBC On New Spoken Word Film

Exposure is delighted to announce its first commission from the BBC, contributing to the series ‘Women Who Spit’. Exclusive to iPlayer, the series features five feisty young female spoken word artists, offering an insight into their thoughts on topics important to young people, as part of ‘Young Artist Day’. Exposure was tasked with creating some […]

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Stop The Rain

Justice justice. I can’t fight alone, I can’t rid this pain. Justice justice. I need help. Justice justice. Please stop the rain. Xenophobia is not an option, According to the law. But we see it today, we see it in history. Think of Stephen Lawrence, Rosa Parks and millions more. This is not fair. People […]

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Poetry is an amazing tool to make people feel something. It is partly to do with the story being told, but also because so much is being covered in so few words. This is an excellent example. Warning: expect feels.

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