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Tackling Cyberbullying

According to new research by Nottingham Trent University, up to two-fifths of teenagers fear they’re addicted to the internet. Soon after launching Exposure’s ‘youth news, views and lifestyle’ website we realised we would need to introduce a specific ‘Technology’ section to accommodate all the material our young journalists were generating on the subject. But, as […]

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The Rise Of The YouTuber

“HELLOOOOO!” Grinning, I tap the ‘fullscreen button’ as the familiar yodel of YouTube superstar Marcus Butler greets me. With over two million subscribers to his YouTube channel MarcusButlerTV, this Brighton lad is the leading example of an ordinary guy doing extraordinary things through the power of the internet. They told me that you can now […]

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Video Games As Art?

I can remember watching over my friend’s shoulder, mesmerised as he played on his Nintendo 64. A couple of years later I was blown away by the power of the PlayStation 1. I am fanatical about the immersive world of videogames and I am increasingly gobsmacked by the great leaps forward in gaming graphics. The […]

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Beware Of Hack Attacks

Hello, my name is Kleana, I’m a 15-year-old pupil at Broomfield School and I have a confession to make… I LOVE JUSTIN BIEBER! But that’s not what I want to talk to you about. Back in 1999 ABC News reported that a 15-year-old computer hacker, Jonathan James a.k.a. “c0mrade”, caused a 21-day shutdown of NASA […]

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Going Catfishing

Jennifer was a young, shy, 18-year-old girl who was bullied at school. She found making friends online much easier than making friends in real life. Which is how she met a ‘model’ called Skylar (they’re always models, aren’t they?). It didn’t take long after talking to Skylar for Jennifer to fall in love. Jennifer told […]

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Film: Cyberbully Mentor Interview

Lucy Torbe is from Highlands School in Enfield. She is a cyber mentor for young people experiencing bullying. This short interview with Lucy, filmed at the Alan Pullinger Centre in Southgate, describes her work and the online support that’s available to the victims. As technology and social networks continue to expand their influence over our […]

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Dark Side Of Facebook

Facebook recently acquired popular messaging service WhatsApp for $19bn (£12bn), nearly 20 times what it paid for Instagram in 2012. You now not only have to worry about your privacy on the number one social media network, but also the world’s biggest messaging service. But unlike Facebook, WhatsApp is straightforward and works well on a […]

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