Munch Better

If society doesn’t deal with obesity in young people this will be the first generation where parents burying their children will become common. We were delighted to be commissioned by nutritionists edibleNRG to create a website encouraging young people to make healthier food choices; throw out the fizzy drinks, pass on the processed food, get up and be active. In consultation with over a dozen young beneficiaries, we created the artwork, wrote the wording and taylor made the Munch Better website. The structure of the site is based on a template compatible with a website creation and management system. This means a fresh new mobile friendly website can be produced for companies who don’t have huge budgets, and clients with no experience in web design or coding can update and edit them easily.


We knew our Munch Better project would be a challenge! However, once we discovered Exposure we felt confident of its success. Exposure is the voice of young people, brilliantly guided by its friendly team of experts producing powerful graphics, influential language and a compelling tone young people are drawn to. We will definitely be working with Exposure on future projects.
– Christina Symeonides, EdibleNRG


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