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Powdering your nose with cocaine

My best friends can tell me anything, but sometimes I wish they wouldn’t. “We are going to try cocaine. What do you think?” What do they mean what do I think? I think it’s a terrible idea; only bad can come from it. What if you become addicted and can’t stop? What if you get […]

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Jail time or time for change?

Young people are getting killed over something as petty as the postcode they live in. Drugs are being sold here, there and everywhere. The youths of today are thinking about money more than society, and don’t know the consequences of what they are doing. I had to find out the hard way. Although I was […]

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Drugs: Legal Highs

I am Meow Meow, but that’s not my only name: 4MMC, Meph, Plant Fertiliser, Plant Food, Charge, Bounce, Bubbles, Drone, MC, Miaow and Mcat. I am well known as Mephedrone. You inhale me. I am extremely addictive. I come as a white powder in a capsule or a small clear bag. I am about 95% […]

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