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Percentage of university students ‘working to fund studies’ hits decade high

A recent study by insurance firm Endsleigh and the National Union of Students has shown that 77% of students are now in work compared to 59% recorded last year. As it stands there is nothing to explain the significant up turn in employed students. These statistics were released alongside a multitude of others concerning the […]

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Durham Police ‘legalise’ casual use of marijuana

If you’re a fan of marijuana, prepare your bong! Police in County Durham, north-east England will stop prosecuting ‘low-level’ cannabis users and producers in attempt to reduce re-offending. Durham Police and Crime Commissioner Ron Hogg explained that the new initiative will only target and seek out large-scale marijuana growers or if a user’s public actions […]

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Government make BBC licence free to over 75s, but who pays the cost?

“A diminished BBC would simply mean a diminished Britain,” according to media stars all over the world. But last week, the government is due to issue a Green Paper that will seriously threaten the corporation’s future. This is in advance of the BBC’s royal charter being renewed at the end of next year – the […]

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Srebrenica massacre 20 years on – Europe’s worst mass-killing since World War 2

Last Saturday 11th July marked the commemoration of 20 years since the Srebrenica genocide. World leaders including Britain’s Prime Minister David Cameron and Scotland’s First Minister Nicola Sturgeon noted the importance of this anniversary and told us never to forget. Survivors have described the massacre as a ‘black hole’ in history, with its significance undermined. […]

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