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Poem – Just one

Tortured, abused, burnt and bruised. You stop, I look dead, but nothing is said. You turn to leave, you lock the door I lay there feeling like death on the floor. I’m just one of the many forced into slavery. One of the many who can’t find their bravery. I wash your clothes, I scrub […]

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Poem – I refuse

I’m not one to say I’ve never used words with intentions to offend. But equally I can say I’ve not done the same to defend. Cause I’ve now realised that my silence is deadlier than my violence. Not to speak out means alliance, so the right thing is defiance. I refuse not to fight back, […]

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What are the police doing about Modern Slavery?

There was an estimated 22% increase in the number of potential victims of human trafficking in 2013. Meanwhile, the police estimate that there are currently 10,000 to 13,000 victims of slavery in the UK alone. Chief Inspector Jeremy Capey, a police expert on modern slavery, answered Exposure’s incredulous questions about this devastating phenomenon and what is […]

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Modern Slavery – Have you seen her?

How would it feel to be trapped? To be removed from the comforts of your home, your family, your friends, and forced to work in a situation where all your freedom has been taken from you? The Slavery Abolition Act was passed almost 200 years ago, yet slavery is a reality still faced by many, […]

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Should We Take Safe Sex Seriously?

Being an average 15-year-old preparing to take my GCSEs and go to college, I hear about a lot of other girls my age not practising safe sex. I talked to one of my friends from school. I wanted to hear her views on abortion because a lot of young people I know confide in her. […]

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