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The rise and rise of Bernie Sanders

Since the launch of his campaign in May last year, Bernie Sanders has garnered enthusiasm, particularly among young people. This has seen an obscure Vermont senator become a political and Internet sensation, and the subject of countless viral memes and hashtags across the US as well as worldwide. But despite millions of Americans ‘feeling the […]

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Is Donald Trump’s election campaign crumbling?

The last six months have seen the seismic political rise of the business magnate and television personality Donald Trump. Since declaring his presidential campaign last summer, his fierce demagoguery and populist – if muddled – rhetoric have seen him lead the race for the Republican nomination. But, after months of breaking every rule in the […]

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Terrorist attack: France’s anger is unsurprising but revenge will help no one

Six days ago, Paris was struck by brutal bombings carried out by the jihadist terrorist organisation ISIS. 129 people were killed, and that number could still increase, with more than 300 injured. This is the biggest terrorist attack in Europe for 11 years, and is undeniably a horrific tragedy. The immediate response from the French […]

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Jeremy Corbyn is not to be underestimated

Times are changing in the UK’s political landscape. The conventional wisdom of necessary Labour centrism is being challenged; a movement spearheaded by the Islington MP Jeremy Corbyn is taking over the political left. His election as leader of the Labour Party has been met with widespread scepticism from inside and outside of the party, with […]

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Exposure finds out what it takes to get into journalism

New video - Exposure connects with the social media based business...

Training young people with special needs to become Gardeners