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Accepting support can be a struggle

“I’m fine.” “Don’t worry about it.” “I’m alright, but thanks.” These are phrases I used to repeat a lot in my everyday life. Whether it was a project or some homework I was struggling with, I always resisted saying ‘yes’ to a little help. Back in secondary school, I was assigned a teaching assistant for […]

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Film Review: The Babadook

With it being nearly Halloween, and I being horror-obsessed, I wanted to see a scary movie; one that had gotten good reviews. I chose The Babadook, a chilling independent film about a storybook character haunting a mother and her child, directed and written by Jennifer Kent. It has received a large amount of critical acclaim. […]

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Cycling To Paris

While lots of people were packing their trunks and towels to sit on some beach in the boiling sun, my dad and I were pulling our bicycles out of the shed. We were cycling to Paris instead. This was a new type of holiday for me. I’d never done anything like this before, but with […]

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