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Dark Side Of Facebook

Facebook recently acquired popular messaging service WhatsApp for $19bn (£12bn), nearly 20 times what it paid for Instagram in 2012. You now not only have to worry about your privacy on the number one social media network, but also the world’s biggest messaging service. But unlike Facebook, WhatsApp is straightforward and works well on a […]

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Speak English!

The plane was taking off. The tears were flowing down my face. I looked through the window out at Bulgaria passing away; I was trying to memorise every minute detail that my eyes could see, because knew I wouldn’t be back for another year. It wasn’t long after the plane was in the air that […]

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Addicted To Video Games

I’m cruising around a sleepy small American town at 60 mph. The police are on my tail; I’m trying to avoid them by speeding away, hitting innocent pedestrians and knocking down objects. My family are extremely worried about me doing this continually. They’re worried about my behaviour and where it will eventually lead. Don’t worry, […]

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I Don’t Want To Fit In!

I remember my first day at sixth form. I felt like I was wondering into a sea of darkness and I was a lone rainbow. At least I thought I was a rainbow, everyone thought I was a freak; the whole school seemed to stop and stare right at me. But these were just teenagers […]

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Understanding Autism

My name is Max. I’m 17 and I am on the autistic spectrum. Often people refer to me as simply ‘autistic’. That in the world there is all autistic people are the same, and very much different from other humans who are not autistic. But that is too simple a way of looking at it. […]

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New Video: Deanna Rodger

Spoken word, by it’s very nature, is a personal and provocative art form. Typically more thoughtful than rap whilst more direct than traditional types of poetry, it’s form and flow can be so diverse depending upon the intentions of whoever is delivering the words. George The Poet, Kate Tempest and Dean Atta are just a […]

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I’m Inspired – Music Act Mooli

Success. And what it takes to make it. The ‘I’m Inspired’ project sees Exposure talk to people who have been there and done it. We met up with the down-tempo band Mooli, made up of Ben Copland and Kristina Smith. We chatted with them about the culture of instant gratification that shows like X Factor […]

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Degree Or Not Degree?

Never before in the history of education do young people have to consider so carefully whether university is the place for them. I am 14 years old and I am already thinking about determination, responsibility and how to manage money. Many of us have such debt worries hanging over our heads before we’ve even finished […]

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