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Change Their Lives Spoken Word

“One word, one line, can change somebody’s whole life.” Teach First is an organisation striving to ensure that teachers in our schools are the best they can be. Teach First recently commissioned spoken-word artist Sonny Green who shares his thoughts on what it means to be a teacher. A major study by the Organisation for […]

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Fed Up Screening Report

On Thursday, 21 November Exposure was proud to present our original short film Fed Up to young people and community members at Park View Academy in Tottenham. The film focuses on the ‘stop and search’ tactics used by the police and how young people can better handle the situation. Fed Up went over well with […]

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The Lift Short Film

The Lift is an incredibly moving, and yet very simple short film. A man sets up with a camera in a lift of a tower block in an East London council estate. He interviews the people who live there. Although they are originally cautious about his motives, they eventually open up to offer a unique […]

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What Black Friday Is & Why It’s Bad

As an American in London it’s often surprising that stuff so routine to me is completely obscure to people here. Take ‘Black Friday’, an annual shopping extravaganza with massive sale stock and huge item discounts that’s the complete norm in the US, but doesn’t really have an equivalent here, though Boxing Day sales may be […]

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Home Life Became Street Life

I’m a teenager. I have had family issues throughout my life. When I was a small child my mum was a victim of domestic violence. My dad was sent to prison for it. As I grew up, not being able to contact my dad really hurt. I never really understood the full details of why […]

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Film Review: Catching Fire

The Hunger Games, a trilogy of films based on the books by Suzanne Collins, returns with the second film: Catching Fire. The original, The Hunger Games, was an experience steeped in detail and brilliance, the ending delivering an eagerness to see what the next film will bring. And so Catching Fire arrives and somehow gives […]

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Exposure is proud to release its latest short film, Lonely Minds

Sexual health vox pop

A short vox pop video and improvised spoken word poem