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Voting At 16

When you turn 16 you can join the armed forces, play the Lottery, work full time and have sex. Society sees us as ‘responsible adults’, yet we are apparently not mature enough to vote. During a review in 2004 the Electoral Commission, which makes decisions on voting policy, decided the voting age should remain at […]

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DO Something About Cancer

If you are a girl you’ve probably received a message in your Facebook inbox that starts with “So it’s that time of year again when we try to raise awareness for breast cancer through a game…” The aim is to post a status where your birth month corresponds to a place, and your birth date […]

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New Music: Akua Konamah

For anyone into acoustic soul music, Akua Konamah is one of the freshest names on the scene. Her latest single, Only You, is out now on Soundcloud and announces the arrival of this young artist’s latest project. Having reached the final rounds of Jump Off UK’s singing competition in 2013, Akua’s audience has continued to […]

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Magazine 116

The relationship between young people and the police has been strained for a long time, especially in Haringey. So when it was decided by a jury that the shooting of Mark Duggan was ‘lawful’ everyone expected the worst. Fortunately there were no repeats of the riots of Summer 2011. The tension remains though. We want […]

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Autism Supplement

Auternative thinking, an eight-page supplement on autism, looking into the lives of young individuals with the condition – as featured in Exposure 116. Autism now affects one in 88 children in the UK. Most people have heard of the condition, but seemingly few understand it. Not being able to make friends, struggling with conventional education, […]

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The Problem With Sexting

FACT: Online is the most common place to be bullied This is a true story. Katy and Josh (names changed) had been going out for three months. Even though she was only 13, she thought he was the love of her life. Josh asked Katy for a topless photo and she sent it. Little did […]

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