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Body image: No Body’s Perfect

Did you know the average British woman is a size 14? Yet, according to a survey in an article from a 2011 issue of Female First magazine, one-in-two think they are too fat. I can imagine women avoiding looking in the mirror because they fear seeing the slightest imperfections that don’t measure up to the […]

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Drugs: Legal Highs

I am Meow Meow, but that’s not my only name: 4MMC, Meph, Plant Fertiliser, Plant Food, Charge, Bounce, Bubbles, Drone, MC, Miaow and Mcat. I am well known as Mephedrone. You inhale me. I am extremely addictive. I come as a white powder in a capsule or a small clear bag. I am about 95% […]

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Fat Free: A Healthy Lifestyle

I’m 15, and I’m on a diet. Huge gasps from everyone I suppose: ‘you can’t diet!’, ‘It doesn’t work!’, ‘Why deprive your body?’, ‘You’ll make yourself sick!’, ‘You really don’t need to!’, ‘Do you want to be anorexic?’ I have been classed as clinically overweight since I was nine. My GP told me every time […]

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The Effect Of Divorce

I was five years old when my parents got divorced. Before then they argued a lot. I remember thinking that if mummy and daddy weren’t together that they wouldn’t be able to shout at each other. The arguing didn’t stop though. My life after that was spent in court, in a custody battle. I dealt […]

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Loneliness & Depression

Before walking into the classroom I felt fearful and nervous. I wanted to run back home. I knew I was going to face another day of hell. I knew people would be calling me names and taunting me, sniggering at how I spoke, mimicking my voice, making it sound ‘gay’, just as they had done […]

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Peer Pressure

“C’mon everybody’s doing it. Take a pull on it you pussy.” So, I thought, “Why not?” I was 15, and I had many friends. I didn’t want to turn into a loner by alienating myself. I gave into peer pressure because I thought that if I didn’t say “yes” to my so-called friends then they […]

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Managing Money

The economic depression is affecting everyone, especially young people. University fees are soaring; EMA (Education Maintenance Allowance) is being scrapped and above all, cuts to benefits, allowances and bursaries mean that the days of an abundance of financial help are gone. It is harder than ever to ‘make do’. And it’s young people from deprived […]

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Meat Production: The Harsh Reality

Tormented animals scream in agony as they’re violently slaughtered. That’s the reality of the meat industry. I was 11 when I discovered the harsh reality of meat production. It left a huge impact on me. I refused to contribute to something so inhumane and immoral, deciding never to eat animals or use animal derived products […]

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Exposure is proud to release its latest short film, Lonely Minds

Sexual health vox pop

A short vox pop video and improvised spoken word poem