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Watercolours Of Guantanamo Bay

American artist and illustrator Steve Mumford’s creates watercolours of the highly controversial detention camp. The artist was given access to the camp with limitations to what he was permitted to convey in his art. Thankfully for most people, this will be the closest they get to seeing the inside of this ominous place. Click on […]

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Gig Review: James Arthur’s Secret Show

On 4 November pop-rock artist, James Arthur, held a ‘secret show’ at 229 Venue on Great Portland Street to celebrate the release of his debut, self-titled album. To generate buzz about the gig, the X-Factor series nine winner hosted an internet scavenger hunt, posting picture clues, like road signs, and blurred images to his Twitter […]

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‘Ard Work Pays Off

Ard Adz & Shallow are aspiring artists from Brixton, South London who both started their journey into music in their early teens. After posting music videos on the Internet the duo have built up a large audience within the UK underground hip-hop scene, with no record label and with no outside help from companies like […]

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Lorde Is Here to Rule the World

This is Lorde. She is a musician from New Zealand and currently one of the top-charting artists on US radio thanks to the success of her single ‘Royals’. She is also just 16. Later this month, her first full-length album ‘Pure Heroine’ will be released, and I am writing here because you should know about […]

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Superhero Surfer

A Brazilian man has hit the world headlines after surfing a 100-foot wave in Portugal, thought to be the biggest ‘ride’ on record. Carlos Burle was taking part in the Ride of the Year category in the Billabong XXL competition in Portugal, when he braved the towering slope. Onlookers clearly were astonished and enthralled at […]

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Book Review: Zombies From History

I’m not the biggest fan of zombies. While many of my friends love to fantasise about the undead apocalypse, regaling tales of how they would survive, where they would hideout, and which weapons they would use to decapitate the reanimated, I do not enjoy this exercise in imagination. This is because if zombies ever did […]

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