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Playing For Senrab FC

I was about six yards outside the box and opponents were storming towards me. This was it. Face-to-face with an attacker’s worst enemy: the defender. But this encounter was mine for the taking. As the frenzied players swung for my ankles, I swiftly shuffled the ball from left to right, through their legs, leaving them […]

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Coping With Panic Attacks

When I was 17 I met a girl and fell in love with her. She was great and we stayed together for many years. Shortly after our first anniversary she had a breakdown – she shut down and couldn’t cope with life. She was ill for a long time. I never told my family because […]

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We Need somewhereto_ Do Stuff

Since June 2010 somewhereto_ has unlocked over 400,000 sq. ft of previously unused or empty space. We’re passionate about working with two entities that we feel are massively undervalued in today’s society: space and young people. By matching the two we aim to unlock the potential in both. somewhereto_ gives young people the opportunity to […]

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Dappy Gets Dropped

For the few of you that don’t know Dappy is an English rapper that is pretty famous. He was kicked in the face by a horse. For some people this was bad news. Dappy himself had to go to the hospital and get treated (but he is going to be fine). I imagine Dappy’s friends […]

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“Who Is Nelson Mandela?”

Nelson Mandela has died of a lung infection at the age of 95 in his home in Johannesburg, South Africa. Mandela was a hero and an icon of freedom as he fought for many years of his life to have rights for his people. Yet shockingly, this life-changing, historical figure was not even known by […]

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Gig Review: Bob Dylan Live

Fabled folk singer Bob Dylan has written and released 35 studio albums. His songs can be recognised by his unique vocal tones, mystical lyrics and raucous mouth organ solos. In his time he has composed a number of widely known pieces. Anyone who went to the Dylan concert in The Royal Albert Hall on Wednesday […]

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Would You Stop & Help?

Some say that altruism doesn’t exist. We say it doesn’t matter. Doing good is good for everyone, but what would it take for you to help a stranger in need? This short clip shows us just how easy it is to spread a little love.

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Come Correct Sex Film

Working with NHS Haringey and Hornsey School for Girls, Exposure has developed this short video to explore what it means to be in a healthy sexual relationship. The video also includes a media stunt by students from Hornsey School for Girls, who ‘invaded’ Alexandra Park School’s Sixth Form Centre to discuss safer sex and promote […]

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