Our charity

Exposure is a multi-award-winning grassroots youth communications charity empowering young north Londoners aged 15 to 25 from diverse and challenging backgrounds to enjoy the benefits of volunteering. Long-established partnerships in education and the charity sector ensure Exposure reaches those most marginalised.

Beneficiaries campaign for positive change on issues vital to their wellbeing. They are guided to produce compelling creative content: features, news stories, interviews, reviews, poetry, fiction, graphics, photographs, podcasts, music and short films.

Exposure delivers workshops in local schools/colleges, through charitable partners and via additional blended one-to-one support using email, text, phone and videoconferencing.

Our story

Exposure was established by young north Londoners in 1996, when desktop publishing first made it affordable to amplify the authentic voice of young people. Initially this was through a free youth magazine, distributed via local schools, colleges, libraries and community settings.

Set up as an independent charity, able to attract funds from a range of sources, Exposure remains proud of our young people’s ability to speak truth to power, free from commercial or party-political influence.

Our people

Born and raised locally, Exposure’s staff are creative professionals in copywriting, publishing, journalism, graphic design, filmmaking and web based media.

Industry experience is combined with a passion for channelling young people’s idealism and creativity. Staff identify strongly with marginalised young people, particularly those from minority backgrounds experiencing discrimination, intergenerational trauma or alienation from mainstream UK society.

At board level Exposure has a wealth of expertise in publishing, broadcasting, banking, finance, law, information technology, teaching, and local and central government. All trustees live in the community that Exposure serves.

Our values

Our values are core to who we are and what we do.

• Youth voice campaigning for positive change
• Shaping own opportunities, finding own solutions
• Diversity is a strength
• Inequality must be challenged
• Thinking of others & speaking out
• Thinking of others when speaking out
• Having principles earns respect
• Keeping promises builds trust
• Having fun by serving others
• Creatively harnessing technology for good

What our young people say

Exposure and the team have been extremely supportive and kind to me in every possible way. They have provided so many opportunities that have enabled me to make sense of my life, in particularly with this project about the issues I face as a young Asian woman in a man’s world!

Ananya Badithe