Get involved

Exposure offers boundless opportunities for young people – a perfect blend of excitement and development. You could definitely do with Exposure if you’re looking to:

  • have fun while gaining rewarding work experience
  • produce purposeful creative content, including articles, fiction, poetry, graphics, podcasts and short films

  • campaign for positive change on issues you’re passionate about

  • get your message across to your peers and wider community

  • join a group of like-minded creative young people.

Exposure empowers
young volunteers to
harness digital technology
positively and intelligently

  • Get free training and coaching from dedicated professionals to harness creative digital technology intelligently, applying your knowledge, experiences, enthusiasm and idealism in the service of others while enhancing personal growth.
  • Liaise remotely and safely via email, text, phone and videoconferencing and/or at regular workshops delivered through Exposure’s partner schools/colleges and charities.

  • Gain confidence, resilience, life-changing skills, contacts, freelance work opportunities and a portfolio of creative outputs hosted on a respected, independent platform. Receive expert guidance to support your career aspirations.
  • Decide for yourself how you wish to contribute, and do so on your own terms, in your own time and at your own pace to balance your other commitments.


To sign up, download and complete the registration form, committing to Exposure’s youth charter, and then get in touch to arrange an induction.

What our young people say

Without support from Exposure with my creative group work and my personal statement, there’s no way I’d have got a place at University of Exeter to study media and journalism. It’s hard and intense and I’m really enjoying it. More Exposure is in order for me and others too.

Liam Rodney