Exposure engages at least 120 young people annually who:

  • report and demonstrate improved mental health, confidence, resilience and a more positive outlook, having been given opportunities to talk openly about issues that matter to them, feeling more listened to, valued, included and supported

  • report and demonstrate improved skills: communication, critical thinking, IT, teamwork, time keeping, planning, production/creative industry expertise and knowledge of gathering, processing and presenting information

  • establish a creative portfolio on a respected, independent platform, displaying their worth and improving their CVs and employability.

Exposure has
worked with over
5,000 young people

Alumni are now successful journalists, authors, publishers, online editors, public speakers, IT specialists, software engineers, cyber-security experts, librarians, graphic designers, games designers, business owners, filmmakers, actors, social entrepreneurs, photographers, charity managers and workers, teachers, pilots, illustrators, bloggers, musicians, vloggers and politicians – and those are the ones we know about!


We are very proud of the many accomplishments of our alumni, including BRIT Awards winner, Little Simz who made her first music video with Exposure through our Music Factory project. Below are a few examples of other alumni who have gone on to do great things, for others as well as themselves.


“Exposure have not only provided valuable support in a variety of forms, but significantly have acted as an independent platform for students to showcase their work. This opportunity for portfolio building has enabled our learners to gain future employment and progress to university. The team are always prepared to help with writing references, sharing contacts, and giving students useful feedback on their practical productions.”

Sonia Kobal, Course Leader, Barnet and Southgate College

“Our students have really benefited from the partnership, not only in a work experience and skill gaining sense but Exposure helps them explore important issues which supports their mental health. Exposure helps develop students’ skills in writing and publishing articles/films and podcasts, but they have also supported students’ futures with CV help, networking and providing references.”

Vicky Cran, Pastoral Leader, The Compton School Sixth Form

“Exposure is a valuable, inspiring and inclusive publication for young people, giving them a platform to share their opinions and experiences and make their voices heard. The team at Exposure have always been very supportive of the young care-experienced people we work with at Coram Voice.”

Linda Briheim-Crookall, Head of Policy and Practice, Coram Voice

“Exposure’s sessions and workshops with students – building their communication and media and technical skills – have consistently proved very impactful to students’ confidence and life chances. This has always been especially true for those experiencing mental health issues.”

Joanna Greatwich, Careers Co-ordinator, Woodhouse College

“Our students benefit from writing articles for Exposure because they are given an opportunity to showcase their talents, and this has a positive effect on their self-confidence. It is also a useful way for them to build a CV with the achievements and skills they acquire through participating in Exposure.”

Ivonne Mendez Soret, Learning Mentor, Leighton College, Elfrida Rathbone Camden

“Exposure have always provided invaluable and well organised work experience for students from both local schools and colleges, especially for those from disadvantaged backgrounds. All Exposure’s efforts, working outside of regular hours included, has had a very positive effect on the young people, instilling them with confidence and skills enabling them to have a brighter future.”

Ros Cardoe, Employer Engagement Manager, Barnet Education Business Partnership