Our work

With a focus on Barnet and surrounding areas of north London, young people are recruited through local schools/colleges and charitable partners, as well as by existing participants who recommend Exposure to friends.

Adult communications experts navigate young volunteers through the following steps:

  • explore Exposure’s youth communications, inspired by how previous young volunteers have contributed to their community, how they had fun while making a positive impact
  • open up about issues vital to their wellbeing, revealing experiences, feelings, knowledge, ideas and solutions, as a form of narrative therapy

  • develop their personal testimonies into coherent, engaging digital creative content
  • share their outputs widely on Exposure’s website, social media and through other professional media outlets to reach their peers, decision makers, online influencers and the wider community.

Our rationale

Research shows that the vast majority of young people are committed to making the world a better place. But research also shows that many aren’t sure how. A youth-centred approach encourages young people to volunteer, hence broadening their horizons and improving their prospects.

Exposure has over two decades experience supporting young volunteers to deliver impactful campaigns reaching over a million people.

Driven by the passions of its young volunteers, Exposure has developed comprehensive guidance and detailed production tips to enable them to campaign for positive change within the following broad themes:

Our supporters

Exposure is grateful and proud to attract support from a range of funders and clients – in the government, charity, community, education and commercial sectors – who value our outcomes and outputs, our quality and professionalism.

Our awards

Our ability to nurture young people’s creativity on a range of compelling communications has secured Exposure a series of prestigious national awards.

What our young people say

Exposure have really boosted my confidence, and have immeasurably improved my writing skills. They’ve always given me plenty of encouragement. I can’t thank them enough for the kindness they’ve shown me and the opportunities they’ve given me.

Arjan Arenas