Work created by Exposure’s young people is regularly reproduced in the local press and other publications. Exposure brings youthful reporting to a wider audience, offering a unique angle on a variety of hard-hitting issues.

An article by Frini Bitzeni highlighting the importance of LGBTO+ safe and inclusive places was reproduced by Barnet Post.

“As summer nears, parks become the ideal third space for young people.”

An article by Ehsen Hanif describing his football journey amid Vote Leave chaos was reproduced by Barnet Post.

“Despite the challenges of Brexit, I’ve learnt how to engage and deal with opposing opinions.”

A short story by Ananya Badithe about how an uncharged phone led to a real connection was reproduced by Barnet Post.

“For the first time ever, I felt grateful that my phone was dying.”

An article by Kirsty Bowen reflecting on the regeneration of her lifelong home was reproduced by Barnet Post.

“Living on the Dollis Valley Estate meant being part of a close-knit community.”

An article about friendship by Lola Tulloch and Tulla Robinson was included in ‘Respectful Relationships’, an educational resource book.

“The best friendships are healthy and rewarding relationships where you bring out the best in each other.”

An article by Christina Agha, Leila Reynolds and Tiana Odunowo addressing emotional triggers was published in Barnet Post.

“Even having a quick chat with a friend can lift a lot of tension.”

A speech about climate change by Olivia Opara was reproduced by Haringey Community Press.

“If you keep taking and taking, what will be left for us? If you keep hurting the planet, how do you expect us to truly live?”

An article by Barnaby Fournier about the power of youth activism was reproduced by Tottenham Community Press.

“Activism is hard work but rewarding and leads to change. It works.”

An article by Shafi Hassan about how prayer helps him accept himself was reproduced by Tottenham Community Press.

“Whether I am different or not, people should treat me with the respect every human equally needs and deserves.”

What our young people say

My work with Exposure has given me a new perspective on life. I have become very aware of the importance of sharing my experiences – positive and negative. I have noticed how having a platform to express myself without judgement provides me with a sense of purpose benefitting my mental health.

Ayanna Huie-Manneh