Poem about time: The Clock

April 1, 2021

Collage created by Sadie Souter with images from Pexels

Sadie Souter explores the transient nature of life

Ticking under eyelids
Fluttering. Rattling
Her skull like it was
Made of glass

The grandfather clock
In the hallway
Creaks under the
Weight of time

Tiny toddler feet turn
Great stomping boots
To grey skin marked
By the sun

Pulling hangnails
She sighs and sits
But still she can’t ignore
That tick tick tick

Last year, in lockdown, I wrote a poem every day for the month of April as a part of the Escapril challenge. Check out a few of my poems from Escapril 2020!

Why don’t you try it this year! You can see the list of prompts on the Instagram account @letsescapril.

Good luck!

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