Poem: The Climate is Changing, Why Aren’t We?

January 7, 2020

Image from Pixabay

Poem about spreading climate change awareness by Aya Pfeufer

Day by day, youth have so much to say.
Day by day, I’m out of words to display.
Day by day, wild lives are drifting away.

Trees burn, into thin ash.
Rivers are filled with trash;
Plastic, plastic, how drastic?

The azure, clear water vanished
What’s left is a sea of scattered mess.
Yet our finesse,
Can’t keep up with the press.

Another day passes by, in a blink of an eye.
Another day passes by as we sigh.
Another day passes by as we redefine what we hear online.

The timeline of the divine nature we once knew,
As we admired the vast view.
Is no longer that captivating crystal blue sky?

Upon our very own eyes.
There was no breakthrough.
Take a step back; refocus your view.
Climate change is not brand new.

You can make a difference to climate change,
No matter how small it is.
Our actions, protests and views
Are what helps us get through…?

Aya likes studying the sciences and Latin. When she is older she wants to be a surgeon or an engineer. She enjoys playing the cello, and has done so since she was five. She won a gold medal with her teammates at the London Junior Club Badminton League.