Poem: “Wai’tu Kubuli” (Tall is her Body)

January 22, 2020

Emerald Pool Dominica; Image by Aneil Lutchman

Hannah Gordon’s poetic celebration of Dominica

I watched Mother Nature sculpt you. Breathe deeply into the heart of lush land, slicing sleek crevices interwoven like a maze on the island’s surface.

I watched her float above gushing waters into a faded skyline no artist could ever compete with. A solution of rusty shades blended into complete sanctification. Myth and mystery scratched onto a skyline of pure bliss.

I watched her drive the golden sun to become an enigmatic wonder of the nation, an overseer who connected old ancestors to modern development. Your purpose ever changing from day dictator to luxurious tanner yet your beauty withholds the testament of days.

I watched her cry tears of pride, which came to border the greatest nation, like a flowing sea of timeless strength. Cascading down mountains and disappearing into an endless Caribbean lagoon.

I watched her nurture vitality and vegetation housed in endless forests. Sprouting to heavenly heights and plagued with the rarest fruits and radiant flowers.

I watched Mother Nature dip her paintbrush into a rainbow throwing its colours to every petal bowing in wait; it felt like sheer woven silk between my fingertips.

I watched her design wildlife to rule in her retirement. Beasts, birds and botanical wonders that prowl the isles like defenders of a noble kingdom.

I watched her delve into springs deeper than the Earth’s birthplace. Covered with ancient beliefs that the waters can heal and cleanse like no other.

I watched Mother Nature birth the first Kalingo* from her passion and patriotism of that Island queen.

Her mountainous crown rising above the Caribbean skyline.

They chant:

“Tall is her body”
“Tall is her body”
“Wai’tu Kubuli”

* Kalingo – indigenous Caribbean people

Hannah is studying English Literature, History and Spanish. She’d like to be a journalist or an author. She enjoys dancing and writing.

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