Short story: The Walkway in Twilight

May 18, 2021

Image created by Toure with images from Pexels

Toure Gordon embarks on an emotional journey as darkness falls

Feeling the texture of the ground changing beneath her, as the wheels of her skateboard glide across concrete, she feels tense. Releasing the unease inside her she slaps her feet against the ground. Gaining speed with each slap, her music’s increasing sound, there’s nothing to stop the feeling of being unbound.

All of a sudden, it comes to a stop. She snaps out of her trance. She loses her clasp, feeling the weight of her body tumble to the softness of the grass. The air falls silent as amusement fills her eyes. Letting out her emotions, she giggles and cries. Raising up, feeling flush, she looks for the board that got lost out of sight.

Confused yet unbothered, she wants to see where this path goes, not worrying about the delicate wind as it whistles and groans. Her feet move beneath her, carrying her deeper. She looks around seeing the beauty at last.

The coldness of metal against her fingertips. Watching effortlessly as her eyes glaze over. The free spirit of the smoke getting whisked into the air.

Inhale the good vibes.

Exhale the problem.

Silence surrounds; only focused on the sound of the sharpness of her breath as the wind cuts across her face

Repeating this process until there is nothing left. Then she is back to reality; emotions undressed. That brief moment or reflection that leaves you bare. It’s time to disappear.

Fight or flight. Her eyes are shut. She sees no light. The harsh winds dominate as it’s now she who groans and cries.

Abnormal, feeling estranged, knowing what’s out there didn’t come to play. It’s mean, it’s aggressive, it doesn’t have a face. She’s trapped and there is no escape.

Silence surrounds her; only focused on the sound of her feet banging against the ground and the sharpness of her breath, as the wind cuts across her face.

Realisation paves. She finds herself running away. Deception is pain, nothing that you can decorate. The trust in nature is one you’ll celebrate.

Bittersweet is what it radiates.

Funding from The National Lottery Community Fund, distributed by CommUNITY Barnet Giving has helped us with this work. Thanks to National Lottery players for making this possible.

Toure Gordon is a student at Barnet and Southgate College. She is studying Media Production. Toure has always enjoyed film-making and is hoping to excel further in her career path of media production.

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