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December 15, 2022

Yesica and Lovell conduct an experiment: background image by Victoria Model from Pixabay

Lovell McPherson interviews his teacher, Yesica about her passion for empowering students

I wanted to interview Yesica, my science teacher at Leighton College because I like her and wanted to find out how hard her job is.

Lovell: How is it being a teacher to students?

Yesica: I love teaching and supporting others. I love knowing that I can make a difference in a young person’s life. I have the chance to empower young people to learn, develop and work together towards a path of independence. For me it is the greatest experience. Every day is a new day full of wonderful, experiences, memories, laughter and care.

Lovell: How do you feel knowing that you are helping people learn about life skills and English?

Yesica: Helping and caring are some of my virtues. I feel so blessed and lucky to have the opportunity to impact people’s lives daily; and that I get to do this every day. Whether it is something like teaching someone how to tie their shoelaces or teaching them how to communicate in British Sign Language (BSL). I love knowing that we can support so many young people to achieve their goals and removing any barriers they have in their path to independence.

It is important that students have the right to take some control of their lessons

Lovell: How did you learn BSL and how long did it take you to learn and understand it?

Yesica: I learned BSL because one day I had to support a little girl and she would use BSL when she did not want to speak. She found it amusing that no one at school could understand her. So I signed up to a Level 1 BSL course at The Mary Ward Centre in the evenings for six months. Since then I have been using it to support my communication and teaching.

Lovell: What is your preferred way of teaching students and how does it affect their learning?

Yesica: I guess that I have various styles and ways of teaching. It all depends on the lessons and topics. I like to say that all my lessons are person-entered and differentiated to everyone’s needs and levels. I also like to have student led activities and lessons because I think that it is important that students have the right to take some control of their lessons and delivery. I remember that you were so confident and amazing when you led some of our life skills lessons last year. Do you remember?

Thank you Yesica for giving me the time to find out more about your work. I learned that it isn’t easy.

In partnership with Elfrida Rathbone Camden, a charity working to achieve independence, empowerment and personal development for disabled people, children and young people, parents and families.

Lovell was a student at Leighton College. He hates seafood. He likes playing PS4.

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