#blacklivesmatter poem: Darkness

May 13, 2021

Collage by Arshia with images from Pixabay

Arshia Prizadeh explores his hopes for equality and the fight against racism

I’ve always tried to avoid it
Always told that I belong to it
The way I look doesn’t make me
Part of the evil night

I am not a soldier to the bad klan
I am not evil’s plan

If you are the most superior being on earth
Then I am the most superior being on earth
If you are the most inferior being on earth
Then I am the most inferior being on earth

Whatever you are. I am the same to my core
Though we have had different experiences
In the end it’s the way we treat each other
It’s a loop involving me and you

We experience emotion (things) in an identical way
So why would you make things difficult for me
As if I don’t feel pain
As if there is no tolerable degree?

The earth is round
People will always meet eventually
Why would you shatter your own happiness
By hating someone who you’ll meet eventually?

Don’t love me, love yourself
Keep in mind that we share pieces of each other
I am trying to avoid it
I am you

I am human.

Arshia is studying Maths, Further Maths, Physics and Chemistry at Woodhouse College. He is inspired by patterns in nature and wants to become a Mathematical and Theoretical Physicist. He enjoys writing poetry, listening to music and playing football.

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