Exposure Listens: coping in lockdown

May 4, 2020

Photo of Maia Wagener (left) Niamh Haran (right) talking at home, edited by Finn Souter

Niamh Haran and Maia Wagener chat about their living situation, the importance of routine, and looking after your mental health

In this episode of Exposure Listens, two young people explore their thoughts and concerns during this coronavirus crisis. They offer tips and advice on how to give structure to your day and manage your time productively.

Maia and Niamh discuss their creative endeavours, meditation, medication, and self care. With enough time outside, three meals a day, good sleep, reading, writing and staying connected to people, lockdown is easier to deal with.

If you need support to deal with corona anxiety please contact The Mix, essential support for under 25s. Or call for free: 0808 808 4994.

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Audio edited by Finn Souter

Maia is a first year undergraduate studying Theatre. She writes in her free time and is passionate about film and music.

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