Exposure Listens: culture, race and gender

May 2, 2023

Top L-R: Elloise Joseph, Mya Gosai, Mariella Angate, Lila Griffiths, Middle L-R: Anjola Fashawe, Georgia Wolfin, Rebecca Pattni, Miriam Chan Bottom L-R Jasmine Ransom Malik and Natalie Piechuta

Young women consider the factors that build their identities

In this episode of Exposure Listens, ten young women talk honestly about the obstacles they face, in developing a positive and authentic sense of identity living in a diverse and complex society.

They discuss how gender roles and expectations inform their behaviour, values and place in the world.

They explore the impact physical appearance, race and cultural heritage have on how others view them. And in turn, the effect this has on their sense of self.

They speak about the influences their religion has on their worldview. They share their feelings about living in London, home to a wide range of cultures, enabling them to celebrate, including sharing flavoursome food and enjoying lively festivals. 🎉!

Exposure is a youth communications charity enabling young people to thrive creatively, for the good of others as well as themselves.

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