‘Exposure Listens’ podcast: what brings us comfort?

May 18, 2022

Sarah Hussein and Jess Thomas-Iganski chat about what they find comforting in difficult times

In this episode of Exposure Listens, two young women talk about seeking a sense of comfort in rewatching their favourite films. During the pandemic we’ve all had to endure harsh lockdowns and watching films is where more of us turn to for calm and restoration.

Although, for each person their favourite film may differ, the warm, secure feeling we get from engaging with them is a universal experience.

Ultimately, comfort films are a form of self-care. Watching them is a way to relax and recoup. So, when you next find yourself returning to the “watch again” section on Netflix, there’s no need to feel guilty. It’s good for you and you’re not alone!

Christina Agha edited this podcast. Check out her film trailer at the top ⇈ Take Comfort 👏 with music produced by Finn Souter 🎶.

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Jess studies English literature, Psychology and Philosophy at Woodhouse College. She enjoys reading, writing, playing music, and rewatching her favourite films – some of which include Fantastic Mr Fox and Miss Stevens.

Sarah studies English Literature, Classical Civilisation and Philosophy of Religion. She enjoys art, watching her favourite movies over and over again and has recently developed a passion for Adventure Time.

Christina Agha is a former student from Woodhouse currently studying Film at UAL. She enjoys editing and directing films and writes spoken word poetry in her spare time.

Finn has recently graduated with a Psychology degree from Liverpool uni. He writes music and enjoys creating images in Photoshop. He has been working with Exposure for the past few years, collaborating with other contributors and friends to design visuals for their creative projects. He has also edited audio for Exposure Listens podcasts and produced music for videos. 

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