Exposure’s musical film wins bronze!

April 22, 2020

Composer Harry Pollard reports on our success at Charity Film Awards

I am positively thrilled to announce that Exposure’s ‘Slice O’ Bread’ has won a People’s Choice Bronze Charity Film award!

Goodness, to think this little idea we had over a year ago has come to this… it’s still unbelievable that what started as a mere conversation resulted in a beautiful Technicolor tribute to be proud of – no less an award-winning one!

True to the spirit of the song, the development, the writing, filming and editing – and even the voting – were all very much a team effort.

Therefore, I’d like to extend my deepest gratitude to everyone involved in this project! Sadie and Luke, your talented vocal performances really brought the music to life; without you the whole thing would be but an empty score.

I also want to thank the directors Levin and Jamie, the cinematographers, the Monsters with their spectacular dancing, and to all young people who took part and brought so much to this amazing project.

Finally, a massive thanks to the Charity Film Awards for their wonderful virtual event, the John Lyon’s Charity, Jack Petchey Foundation and RPK Fund for their generous support, and last but not least Andy and Fran, whose support, patience and enthusiasm are fundamental in orchestrating all that we do here.

And to all our friends here at Exposure, I hope for many more years of creativity and magic!

Messages from our partners and supporters…

Great work as usual. Well done Team Exposure Magazine!
Andrew Williams, Education Employment and Training Adviser

Well deserved Exposure. Brilliant!!!!
Bee, Barnet Southgate College

Massive congratulations on winning the award, Exposure. I look forward to seeing you at some point in the future, to carry on the amazing work.
Sonia, Barnet Southgate College

Brilliant project.
Deanna, Bonefide Studios

Congratulations on the win in the People’s Choice Awards! My students are grateful for a creative outlet provided by Exposure in these difficult times.
Joe Dore, Woodhouse College

Congratulations. Nice to have Exposure’s good, hard work recognised.
Jay Idress, East Barnet School

Congrats to all involved!
Anna Patton, Editor, Pioneers Post

Well done to all the young people at Exposure.
Young Barnet Foundation

Harry Pollard is studying music at the University of York. He is an aspiring composer and enjoys playing and performing on the piano in his spare time.

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