Exposure’s summer 2020 Covid-19 film released

September 10, 2020

Some of Exposure’s young creatives, sporting their souvenir Exposure Lockdown 2020 t-shirts

Arjan Arenas introduces youth charity’s new documentary featuring young people’s experiences during lockdown

Last year, Exposure produced their highly successful song and musical video ‘Slice O’ Bread’, which celebrated friendship and encouraged young people to communicate with each other, and which won a Bronze People’s Choice Award at the Charity Film Awards. This year, however, there seems a lot less to be optimistic about.

The lives of young people, like everyone else, have been immeasurably affected by the coronavirus (Covid-19) pandemic, which has led to drastic changes to nearly every aspect of life across the world. I was one of the many students who were sent home from university before the scheduled end of term and had to take exams from home.

Exposure are releasing a new video, ‘Learning from Lockdown’, in which over 20 young people explain their experiences of lockdown 2020. This film spearheads an ambitious project that has brought together the creative responses to lockdown and the pandemic of Exposure’s young people.

‘Learning from Lockdown’ is an excellent showcase of the creative endeavours that young people have engaged in over the course of the pandemic

Delivering the video has been particularly challenging in lockdown. It involved liaising remotely with the young people who participated in front of and behind the camera. The film is over 13-minutes long to do justice to the effort each individual put into preparing and sharing their testimonies, and to evoke a sense of connection and solidarity amongst this diverse group of young people.

Additionally, each individual testimony has been edited into a stand-alone, short clip; Exposure plans to release these, one at a time, on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter over the next few weeks.

Above all, ‘Learning from Lockdown’ is an excellent showcase of the creative endeavours that young people have engaged in over the course of the pandemic, brilliantly complemented by the film’s theme song, ‘Streets (Keep it Together)’, beautifully written and performed by eyes-a-head.

‘Learning from Lockdown’ serves as a poignant and personal souvenir for all who took part, and their friends and families.

Thanks to our funders John Lyon’s Charity and Jack Petchey Foundation, for making this film possible.

Arjan Arenas studied history at King’s College London, then completed a master’s in the history of international relations at the London School of Economics. He has worked with Exposure since January 2018, and is particularly interested in history and politics, as well as books, film and television. Outside of his work with Exposure, Arjan has written reviews of films and television programmes, as well as theatre productions in London’s West End.

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