Tuning into change: empowering creativity

May 23, 2024

Photograph by Matheus Bertelli at Pexels

Sapphire Thorbourne encouraging young females to unlock their potential

‘Creativity is intelligence having fun.’ – Albert Einstein. You can read more about this here.

Creativity is a fundamental part of our human essence. Originating and developing in our minds, it follows us on our life journey, shaping our experiences and contributing to our individuality.

Today’s society is too often caught up and overshadowed by conformity and social expectations. We’ve lost touch with the importance of our creative sides. So, it’s important that we reach deep down into our inner child and rediscover the power of our imagination.

Many of us feel compelled to ‘work to live’, particularly under the constraints of consumerism and the current high cost of living. However, happiness and wellbeing require more than just meeting the demands of our jobs and duties. To truly live our lives to the fullest, we need to actively engage in both the little and big things that bring us pleasure.

We tend to blindly follow an ideology of societal control. We need to break away from this cycle. We need to broaden our perspectives and overcome the toxicity of consumerism, loneliness and boredom. In a world where society’s expectations often obscure our individuality, it’s essential for women to reclaim their creative power and defy conformity. By embracing our passions and nurturing our creative sides, we’re not only asserting our autonomy but also inspiring others to do the same.

I struggled to learn the saxophone at first but I’m so grateful I persevered. It brings me such joy.

Starting something new is an essential part of living well, boosting your sense of aliveness. Change opens a whole new door to opportunities, inspiration and excitement.

Three years ago, I started playing the saxophone. It placed me into a whole new field, filled with music and new people. I wanted to learn to play the saxophone after seeing a wonderful performance by a talented saxophonist on a music trip with my school. I was immediately inspired. The sound transported me to another world. I thought, “Wow! Imagine having such power to affect a mood and atmosphere.” And then I realised I didn’t have to imagine, I just needed to try. So, I embarked on a new challenge. I started saxophone lessons.

Yes, I struggled to begin with but over time, with discipline and good practice, I can play almost fluently. It brings me such joy, it puts me in a state of flow and gives me a great connection to the people I play alongside. I think what holds us back in trying new stuff, is the fear of failure, the embarrassment and shame of making mistakes.

Everybody fears being judged to some degree or another. Even the most confident and outgoing people are worried deep down. I know I was initially scared I’d be judged and made fun of for posting about my passion. In fact I was only encouraged. I’m so grateful I persevered.

In a world as advanced and intricate as ours, it’s absurd that we still fret and worry about others’ perceptions. Embracing our passions and overcoming the fear of judgment can lead to profound personal growth, connection and joy!

Sapphire is studying Music, English Literature and Spanish at Woodhouse College. She is very passionate about creativity. Sapphire is always trying new things and she is dedicated to playing the saxophone right now.

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