Poem about a natural beauty: Tree

September 6, 2022

Image by jplenio from Pixabay

Anushka Rosenberg’s tribute to an enduring and dependable life form

I look at the tree,
Old but beautiful,
Trees are peculiar things,
Because so many years pass by,
You grow old,
But trees always stay looking the same,

Through the seasons,
Sun glistens on the green leaves,
That cling onto the branches,
The tree looks so green,
I can tell it has so much to say,
So many aces still to play,

Orange leaves fall,
Landing on the soft dust,
Trees are
Reaching but never touching,
They want to speak up with their voices,

They don’t even get a choice,
Anger bubbles up inside them like you and me,
But we can speak out, we can scream and shout,

It’s a choice we can make,
The silence we break,
Instead trees just cover up when it snows
Wondering if we will ever know,

Spring comes too soon,
Blossoms fill the air with hope,
And colour,
Taking their messages far away.

In partnership with Write by You, a social enterprise supporting young female writers to develop their creativity, confidence and writing skills.

Anushka is a 13-year-old girl from North London. She likes to write stories and sometimes poems. The stories she writes are mostly fantasy but she reads thrillers and historical fiction.

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