Poem about adversity: The Rug Was Pulled

April 3, 2024

Painting created by Diego Iavarone

Diego Iavarone explores the unravelling that comes with change

My father frugal in words
says that ‘all world is theatre’
crowd’s cacophony crows loud
and I dare not move nearer

step off of metal cocoon
and feel the air grow colder
out of searing frostbite snares
I age yet am no older;

thrown out of my body,
ripped by divine hand,
stage ripped from under my feet,
unwelcome foreign land,

and as I learn to walk again
the earth recoils back
like lime on cold frostbitten lips
preparing for attack;

with silver saber that severs
my arteries in two
and cauterises hypothermic
maggot-riddled wounds

for out of me resurges life
though fearing resurrection,
the new sight breaks the icy glares
scattered in all directions

while critics cast their judgments
unto he who doth perform
and theatre-roof breaks off at once
here, hailing icy storm.

Diego studies A level English Literature, Classics, and Spanish. He draws and paints in his free time. Diego is a big fan of Indie Rock.

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