Poem about friendship: Remember When

October 6, 2021

Photograph by Roman Odintsov at Pexels

Kishen Patel explores the pleasures and pitfalls of a partnership

Remember when I called you from Second Avenue
You found me down the road. Alone and hurt
Grazed knee, cut hand and blood on my denim
We walked back to yours to pick up my shirt
I left with a bandage around my fingers too
This city would never be the same without you

Remember when you got your driver’s licence
You brought your car down
Summer heat with me in the passenger seat
The music just a little too loud
We covered the streets in laughter and exhaust fumes
Made our way through smoke-filled rooms

Remember when you broke up
My shoulder was wet with your tears
We bought some cheap wine, hopped on the central line
That night we faced our fears
I picked you up when you felt blue
I’ll never stop being there for you

Remember when we had that fight
We said the worst things to each other
We didn’t speak for a couple weeks
And it felt like I’d lost a brother
Said we were sorry and we came through
I’d never want to lose you

Remember I made that joke I shouldn’t have
Laughing until we got stomach aches
If we were arrested, you’d be my partner in crime
Always making the same new mistakes
Stay by my side. We come as two
What’s the point of life without you?

Kishen is an undergraduate student at the University of Bath. Aside from studying Computer Science, he can be found thrift-shopping, reading, and writing. His guilty pleasure is Netflix crime thrillers.

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