Poem about inner beauty: What is Perfection?

September 21, 2022

Image by blende12 from Pixabay

Blessing makes strides to be her own proud and fearless lioness

She was perfection and I wasn’t.

Her eyes were blue – bright and eager
As though she had a secret insight to the world
Mine watched her every second, taking her in
Replicating, imitating every movement

Her brows thick and bush-like
A lioness ready to strike at any given moment
Mine thin and worm-like, twisting in uncertainty
As she fought against all injustice she was faced with
The raging battle within me commenced
Twist and turning, seeking and yearning my soul fought itself

She danced freely, swinging and swaying against the rhythm
Unafraid of how she was perceived
Her mind free of anxious thoughts swallowing her brain
Rolling in her glory
Pushing mine off the edge
Her radiance was unmatched

Pumping through her veins as if held down by chains
No soul could pass without getting attached
The natural born attraction forever remained
Seeping through her pores and floating out her ears
Clogging mine, scars leaving me ashamed

The waves of her hair pushed against the rough and ragged earth
Crashing and splashing, eating bits off of the world’s dusty edges
She persevered when the world had abandoned her, leaving her empty
And when loss and failure nibbled away at her feet leaving nothing but bare bone
And even when she was at her lowest she preserved
I caved in when the world had abandoned me silenced and cut off
When loss and failure ate away at me from the inside
When I was at my lowest.

My insides were desperate for change
And so, I began to dance freely
I began to speak my mind
Leaving my insecurities behind
I started to persevere at my lowest

And soon enough I was perfect.

In partnership with Write by You, a social enterprise supporting young female writers to develop their creativity, confidence and writing skills.

Blessing is a free-spirited soul interested in becoming her true self. She loves nature, building connections with others and the colour green. Her poem is an attempt to reveal her inner beauty in spite of her flaws. Exploring her new found love for reading, Blessing is interested in developing her own unique writing style.

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