Poem about lockdown: I Can’t See Anymore

March 25, 2021

Collage created by Alessia with images from Pexels

Alessia Cumbo reflects on the challenges faced during the pandemic

Summer breeze flowing down where you are
Sharp winter chills well they can’t go far
‘Cos I can’t see anymore
Just let that summer breeze flow down like before

So you can push your life into miserable pains
And go on fighting with what still remains
So go on tell your stories of defeat
And we’ll see through your lies and deceit

‘Cos I will know more than I am told
As long as you give me what I am owed
And we will care for you my friend
As long as you don’t leave it too close to the end.

Alessia is studying Creative Media at Barnet Southgate College. She is passionate about music and loves films and how much power editing contributes to creating a story.

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