Poem about love: A Mistake

October 26, 2022

Image by mohamed Hassan from Pixabay

Lexi’s rollercoaster-ride of emotions through love lost… and found?

What is Beauty.
If not pain and hardship,
if not the struggle of a boat
to stay afloat
the mourning of a cheater
the mourning of a lover,
pain that is inflicted
hidden by drugs and alcohol.

A painful distortion of love and hate, breaking perception that rips apart your brain; fights, mistakes.
Memories, that blind the beauty of what we made. My trust – devoured, filtered; you desecrated what remained.
Tearing my wings, feather by feather. Filling my brain, that acid-like temper.
Turning my pages heartfelt to blank. You were truly nothing, but a loving deadpan.
I cared and forgave, your every mistake. Burnt the red flags, tinted them grey.
But even with our struggle, you shrugged me off one day, with a light breeze of your alcoholic haze.

For what is Love.
but trust given blindly,
a shackled heart —
Bound by emotional instability
a life split, in but two parts.

Friends, falling in love in the distance, sitting beside your friend, your childhood sweetheart.
Remembering your first love, the beauty of it all and then your last aching story.
A broken heart, caused by your ex’s demeanour. Yet the leaves kept falling; in a void that needs filling.
Relentless cycles; overwhelming emotions. Unreciprocated, under-appreciated and obsessive.
Like the freedom of a crossroad with all its exits, leading to the same path.
A puppeteer of emotions you can never fully control. And thus, knew pain.

A ripping sensation,
a flame that can’t blaze
The caring tomfoolery.
Pieces, out of place.
A heart spilled open,
to no known change.
Is it love —
is it illness? —
I feel out of place.

But in my dreams, the thought will remain. There’s no such thing as fate.
No string, to neatly tie our names. So I’ll grab the needle and a thread. To stitch us back, in red.

Sew me and you — together, again.

In partnership with Write by You, a social enterprise supporting young female writers to develop their creativity, confidence and writing skills.

Lexi is a non-binary individual. Both a criminology and drama student with a liking to writing scripts for performances, short stories, drafts and poems about personal, emotional or mental-health related scenarios, crime, terror and mythology, revolving across the genre of fiction or mystery.

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