Poem about self discovery: I Am

December 10, 2021

Collage idea by Arielle with book image by Pezibear from Pixabay

Arielle Lentin identifies the activist, the thinker and the dreamer within

I’m the strong-worded feminist disliked by her classmates – always angry, always passionate, always full of rage for the unseen,
I’m the hidden but powerful rainbow emerging after a rainstorm, carrying bountiful hope for the pride-singers,
I’m the silent girl drawing witches and wizards in her leather-bound sketchbook – dragons and spells, doodles and masterpieces, bright colours and neutral palettes, the pencils sketching my innermost thoughts and feelings,
I’m the air rowdy with laughter from your friends pretending to be drunk on Russian vodka, stupid, but undeniably funny, making you laugh the way only a friend can,
I’m the sweet, chewy bread broken each Friday, covered with smatterings of salt and smelling of summer evenings under the stars,
I’m the loud table that’s piled high with plates, candles, and laughter from a joke made about travelling around the world that would only make sense to your family,

[authquote text=”I’m the pride-screaming, big-dreaming, smart-seeming girl who won’t stand down”]

I’m the one person who is forever searching for their own personal bit of stardust to add to the sky,
I’m the pride-screaming, big-dreaming, smart-seeming girl who won’t stand down,
I’m the anarchy badges you jokingly pin to your leather jacket and the winged black eyeliner you wear to annoy your parents,
I’m that feeling you get when you blast your favourite song and scream-sing the lyrics like the death metal icon you aspire to be,
I’m the memories of running through the woods as a child, imagining life with all my childhood friends and a social status born of dreams,
I’m the girl torn between the hair-flipping popular path paved with platinum or the pebbles left out for the underdogs,
I’m the activist, the thinker, the dreamer, who looks and works tirelessly for a cause to support and scream for,
I’m the question,
I’m the answer,
I’m the pure particle of internal strength that forever keeps you going, even when you’re at your darkest times and don’t think you can go on,
I’m the beauty of a small mushroom patch on a spring day.

In partnership with Write by You, a social enterprise supporting young female writers to develop their creativity, confidence and writing skills.

Arielle is a non-binary, 13-year-old aspiring politician and author who wants to change society with writings and revolutionary movements. They love music, classic civilisations and gaming, as well as tackling issues of discrimination in schools.

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