Poem about trials and tribulations: Dear 2020

January 6, 2021

Image by Bessi from Pixabay

Olivia Opara considers last year in all its turbulence

You brought us cheers
That turned to fears
Of a third world war
And wildfires none foresaw.

You gave us a pandemic
And everyone shopped in panic
A worldwide lockdown
Everyone must mind their own.

You handed the young bravery
To battle 400 years of slavery
Shouting with all their might
To save all our human rights.

You offered us a short reprieve
So we could all finally breathe
Yet you smiled with glee
As you worsened our reality.

You granted us mercy
By making things easier
And everything seemed okay
Like when I found my father, Clay.

You shunned us for our joy
And, oh, you were so coy
Leading up to our festivities
You raised all our anxieties.

You awarded us with struggle
And showed us lots of trouble
So now we’ve all grown
Next year, better seeds will be sown.

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