Poem: No Intelligent Life Form Destroys Their Home and Each Other

May 20, 2020

Collage idea by Mariam; original images by Alexander Antropov, PIRO4D, Marisa04 from Pixabay

Mariam Njeri contemplates what humanity has done

The problem was never viruses but always humans,
We caused havoc to the world, the planet, the animals,
Now the universe is screaming out for help,
Help to feel alive again, breathe again.

It’s ironic,
Because as a human on this planet that’s all we ever wanted,
To feel alive again, feel hope again and to be able to breathe. Freely. Again.
Just as you think you’ve finally got things managed,
The planet shows you how insignificant humans really are.

We as humans punish the next generation for the last’s mistakes,
We are selfless, careless, and put ourselves on top of the food chain, killing all life around us.
The elite are the rich,
Whilst the poor are working class KEY WORKERS.

The planet is taking its stand once for all,
Locking us in,
Showing us the real animals,
Showing who the true heroes are,
And as we sit and watch the world go by slowly going crazy,
We fail to realise the planet is beautiful, and is worth protecting!

As tears trickle down the faces of those who cannot see their families,
To some, that is the harsh everyday reality,
So next time spare a thought for others, for the planet,
And hopefully the next tears will be trickles of hope for mankind!

Humanity will get through this together, but will we learn from this?
#Stayinside #Protectlives #Protecttheplanet

Mariam originates from Kenya, Africa. She has been blessed with being raised in both a first and third world country and has seen life from both perspectives. She has grown up in the care system in UK and fought to improve it for the next generation because she prides herself on making life better, easier and providing a brighter future for all kids. She believes that's where making a difference starts. Kids are the future.

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