Poem: Rivers of Plastic Flowing

January 7, 2020

Collage by Nicole Colucci and Kat Adams – original images from Pixabay

A poem about the destruction we have caused by Kat Adams

Rivers of plastic flowing
Next to the half dead trees.
Is this what you think of
When you remember me?

The oceans are rising,
The floods are pouring,
The evidence is there
So why do we deny it?

The animals are dying
And the grasslands are drying
The environment is crashing
Why are we not crying?

The polar bear’s ice has melted
And frozen in our greedy hearts
And yet we’re not concerned about
Where our products start.

Rivers of plastic flow
Next to the dried up trees.
This is not what I want you to think of
When you remember me.

Kat is studying Psychology, English and Geography at The Compton Sixth Form. She loves to read and dance to kpop songs in her free time.

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