The beat goes on when I perform

July 26, 2023

Photo provided by Christian showing him in action

Christian Hansen bangs the drum for his passion for playing live music

When I play drums live on stage, I feel excited and look forward to seeing people watch me play.

Drumming makes me happy and relaxed. I don’t feel any tension when I play. There’s always good vibes and high energy that I feel when on stage.

I have had people saying really good things when I play drums. I really like what the public have to say when I finish my set after a show. I really like that!

I love playing my favourite songs on the drums when I’m at home. I have headphones and plug my phone into speakers. I choose what song I want to play, sit on my drum set and do one take to see if I can improve on how I play to make things easier.

[authquote text=”The best moment for me as a drummer was getting the chance to play live music at the Shard”]

My top six favourite songs to play on drums are:

1 – Cissy Strut by the Meters
2 – Word up by Cameo
3 – Smooth Criminal by Michael Jackson
4 – Makes Me Wonder by Maroon 5
5 – Outta My Head by Daughtry
6 – Take Your Mama by Scissor Sisters

The best moment for me as a drummer was getting the chance to play live music at the Shard for a launch party. It was the best gig I have ever performed as a drummer. There were lots of people who watched me, and I had such a good time playing at London’s tallest building.

The downside of drumming is when I don’t give my best performance, for example, not keeping to the right tempo of the song or playing over time. Other downsides are longer sets of songs that hurt my wrists and hands, causing splinters and blisters. Also sitting for long periods of time and dropping sticks on the floor.

I overcame the downsides of drumming by watching drum cover videos on YouTube. These gave me steps on how to stay positive, and learn from mistakes to get better. Using the metronome helps me focus, clapping the tempo. Playing the song twice and listening to different music genres helps me learn.

The first thing that got me into drumming was using pots and pans with wooden spoons. I realised that I liked the sound they were making. After that, I used black chopsticks and started tapping them on chairs and tables.

When I turned ten years old, I went to the music store and got my hands on some drum sets that were displayed at the entrance. I was amazed how incredible the drums sounded when I started playing them! Next, I decided to get a drum set – I was really excited.

Being grateful keeps me connected with my colleagues and other musicians. I feel part of a friendly group.

My advice for anyone who wants to learn how to play the drums is to find the right drum kit for you, learn how to set it up, and find your perfect drum teacher to help you play.

Online, there are YouTube videos, drumming websites, online drum teachers, social media drumming accounts, and drumming tips and lessons.

It’s difficult for me to find musicians that want to do rehearsals, live music workshops and masterclasses. I am still looking for artists to play with because talking to musicians is important for me to develop and showcase.

I am grateful for getting opportunities to do live music and teach people how to play drums. Being grateful helps me to stay positive and happy. If I didn’t find or have things to be grateful about, I would be depressed. Being grateful keeps me connected with my colleagues and other musicians. I feel part of a friendly group.

Here are two links to footage of Chris in drumming action:

Link 1

Link 2

In partnership with Elfrida Rathbone Camden, a charity working to achieve independence, empowerment and personal development for disabled people, children and young people, parents and families.

Christian loves travelling and seeing new places. He loves love getting musically creative. His favourite hobbies are listening to music and going dancing with friends, watching movies. He enjoys horror and thriller movies . He is part of Electric Umbrella, a charity that brings music and performance to people with special needs. I am in their band as their house drummer. He also works at Marylebone Theatre as an usher. In September, he is look forward to joining Chickenshed for the foundation degree in performing arts.

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