Theatre review: young love story outdoors

July 12, 2022

The cast of Betty Bopper; photo by Edward Quigley

Shakira Dyer enjoys a musical feast al fresco at Blue House Yard

Behind the Blue House Yard in Wood Green, Haringey Shed’s youth company, Under One Roof were getting busy with a short show about young love.

The story started with the protagonists, Bethany Botter (played by Devina) and Colin (Micheal), as young children in primary school, the performers creating lively scenes of playtime around them.

It followed Betty throughout her life, starting a bakery, leading to an enjoyable tongue twister of a song ‘Bitter Butter’, involved an instance of Colin cheating on Betty, yet ended with the two getting married, with the uplifting song ‘Someone for Everyone’.

The performers created believable landscapes with their bodies and voices, whether they were customers in the bakery or moviegoers in the cinema where Betty and Colin went on a date, making cheeky comments.

As with all Haringey Shed shows, the cast was inclusive, and it was interesting to know that participants with additional needs were supported both onstage and off.

This fun summer short was testament to how Haringey Shed supports its young people

Although the story was short and I was left wanting more, I was intrigued to know that one of the young people, Micheal had helped created the idea for the play.

Micheal said: “I got the idea from everyone at Haringey Shed. It was quite hard to get my ideas at first, but then it was good. I’m proud!”

Devina said: “I like being in Under One Roof every Thursday – singing in choir, warm up, dances.” Her favourite part is singing and dancing. She has now started a few solos, such as her solo as Betty Botter.

Ashling Foat, Participation Manager at Haringey Shed, pointed out the aim of Under One Roof was “to give young people a voice and get them taking more control.”

She added that the outdoor location of the Blue House Yard had been only due to other contacts: “We needed a photographer and met Ed, who suggested to perform outside, so it worked out beautifully.”

She also shouted out to Jimmy, the music director, and the Haringey Shed young team who choreographed around the music.

This fun summer short was testament to how Haringey Shed supports its young people to realise their creative dreams, and I can’t wait to see what they do next!

Haringey Shed is an inclusive theatre and performing arts company for children and young people where everyone has a part to play.

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