Youth-led sustainable fashion brand demands to be heard

July 27, 2021

K-3PLR sustainable and upcycled fashion pieces

Co-founder, Frank Pugh on K-3PLR’s plans to make positive changes to the world… of fashion and beyond

K-3PLR (Kepler) is a student lead, sustainable Generation Z fashion brand. Amidst the chaos that the global pandemic has brought with it, we as a collective, decided we needed to find a way to make up for our lost hours in the classroom.

Made up of largely sixth form students, we felt too much of our school time had been taken from us and so we decided to take things into our own hands and start up K-3PLR.

We are showing how we don’t need to sit our GCSE exams, or have a sheet of paper with our grades on it to show what we are capable of achieving. This is a new way of demonstrating our ability in a way that exams cannot.

Due to the difficult circumstances of the world during these last few valuable years of our lives, we have had to take on a new route, to show who we are as a new generation and what must be done to give us the future we deserve.

This is not a future in which we must worry ourselves with flooding cities, catastrophic wildfires or devastating drought. Nor is it a future in which we live under a government with a higher interest in themselves than the people of this planet; a government which takes almost four years to pass a ban on plastic straws and acts as though it was a job well done.

We adopted the mindset that clothing should never be thrown away

K-3PLR is us, as the youth of this world, expressing our concerns for this world, and doing something about it. Fashion is one of the most polluting industries in the world.

We adopted the mindset that clothing should never be thrown away. We are taking discarded items of clothing, and giving them a new life. Through whatever means we see fit, we are making it our mission to reduce wasted garments as much as possible, by remaking them and selling them on, just as if they were brand new.

K-3PLR is our way of not only showing the key problems in this world, but also doing something about it.

Many of today’s youth feel that we have been robbed of our chances to express ourselves, our passions and our accomplishments as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic.

We as a whole are committed to showing what today’s youth is capable of, and that we don’t need these now damaged grades to show that. With this as our motivation, we decided to reach out to those in our communities and find like minded people.

Together, designers, textiles workers, advertisers, and many more came together to show how we feel as the youth of the 21st century and what we stand for in a way we feel we can express ourselves best.

We want to move forward as best we can, and to show the world what our generation can do

As we develop our knowledge and skills, we aim to develop our products and treat this initiative as an opportunity to learn and progress, as well as to have fun doing so.

We want to move forward as best we can, and to show the world what our generation can do. We accept it may not be perfect first time every time, but it is our future, our world we are heading towards, and it is up to us, all of us, now, to make sure it’s a happy one.

We see K-3PLR clothing as an opportunity to make ourselves heard as the youth of this world, and do it in a way in which we feel we can truly express ourselves and our own identities, as well as maintaining a minimal carbon footprint, and supplying people with premium quality garments.

We are passionate about making a positive change to this world, and to us that change is addressing the very real and daunting threat of climate change on behalf of the youth.

With our team of passionate and talented students from all walks of life, we set about upcycling discarded clothing in order to give it a new life, and avoid further contribution to the ever-building carbon footprint of the fashion industry.

K-3PLR fashion: this world is ours

There is no planet B. The future of this planet is essential, not only to us as humans but to billions of other living, breathing beings. Please help us on our mission to make a difference.

To see more please visit our website or our Instagram @k-3plr.

Frank is co-founder of K-3PLR

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