A poem about manipulation: Calculated

October 5, 2022

Concept by Elisa with image by Karolina Grabowska from Pixabay

Elisa Leonas describes the role that must be played for a stranger

Desperately decaying through the day
She’s brought to attention by his spotlight unprofessionally following her around
Its corners burn her delicate skin, making it easier to place a foot forward
A stranger has suddenly become a priority
“What would you like to have for dinner tonight sir?”
Her only requirement within the crowded room
Sometimes she wishes she were an object
Like a wooden table with no thoughts echoing around
Waiting for the non-existing audience to applaud
The crowd grows impatient as their stomachs giggle.

Holding onto a memory of when her body wasn’t a trophy
His shiny shoes are her only source of gaze
The polish on them determines whether her figure is seen or not
A stranger has suddenly become a priority
“The jacket suits you”
She forces up a smile in hope he’ll finally decide to wonder off for a while
“You would like a refund sir?”
Feet start trembling hoping it wouldn’t be much of a price.

Tightening both hands on the wheel
Unable to tell if the breaks will stop in time or not
He makes sure to monitor the speed limit
A stranger has suddenly become a priority
“Where to sir?”
Inevitably she realises the wheel is nothing more but a dull object
An amusement
Attached to each of her heartbeats
Her fear entertaining his ego.

She dreams of becoming only an ancient statue inside his house
Except he wants her to be the shadow within each room
Slowly fading away in the night
Her darkness covering up his ‘Do Not Disturb’ sign stuck proudly outside the office.

“A new dress?”
Confused as to how her invisible self would fit into a dress.
“Of course sir.”
“What would you like to have for dinner tonight sir?”
A stranger has suddenly become a priority.

In partnership with Write by You, a social enterprise supporting young female writers to develop their creativity, confidence and writing skills.

Elisa is 17 years old, currently in year 13 at The Compton School, studying Geography, Drama and English Literature. She is very passionate about acting, writing and fitness. She writes poems in her free time to help discover the emotions she feels as a young woman. She values the experiences and feelings of young people and is inspired by her Romanian heritage which has shaped much of her life.

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