Poem about ill-timing: To The French In You

February 24, 2023

Collage by Exposure with statue image by Frederic Willocq and rose image by Nika Akin both from Pixabay

Elisa Leonas shares an intimate moment of truth frozen in time

If only gazing longer
The night might have frozen it all
Sat cuddling, the safest corner
My fingers squeezing all air between our palms

I knew it at that look – it chose itself to be the last
Not the comfort when in rhythm with your heartbeats
Or the choking on my own laughter
Because even if I proved I’ll sip from the same straw
I couldn’t leave the cup in between blossoming flowers

My tongue never learnt to untangle
Speak its truth in the horrid figure it saw
A past I have yet to accept
Miserably searching to find the true darkness
Of your kindness

Left you gazing at the sunset alone
Even if that last touch wanted you more
Your care for me would soon become limitless
My needs careless
All ties impossible for you to untangle
A burden only I can gamble

Elisa is 17 years old, currently in year 13 at The Compton School, studying Geography, Drama and English Literature. She is very passionate about acting, writing and fitness. She writes poems in her free time to help discover the emotions she feels as a young woman. She values the experiences and feelings of young people and is inspired by her Romanian heritage which has shaped much of her life.

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