Barbie taught me that every girl matters

September 7, 2021

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Josie Ikhaine tells us why she is ‘just playing with her dolls’

When I was a young girl, I always loved girly things, princesses and kittens. However, Barbie wasn’t the first thing I loved.

My first interest was all things Hello Kitty, the cute Japanese cartoon character. I loved everything about her, the clothes and the merchandise. Let’s say I was obsessed.

The first time I became interested in Barbie dolls was when I was six years old. I went shopping with my mother and my younger sister. After we finished with the food shopping, my mother would take us to the toy aisle and let us pick a doll to take home.

I spotted a Barbie doll, with blonde hair, a pink glam outfit, furry short sleeves and high heels. She was posing in the box behind a pink background and her name, ‘Glam’ was on the left corner. I was mesmerised. I snatched her quickly and showed my mum. Mum put the doll in the trolley.

I felt joy once I had removed my new Barbie from her box

My sister picked a princess Barbie with a blue gown. After we paid for everything, we headed home. I felt joy once I had removed my new Barbie from her box.

However, through the years, I became interested in loads of other things but always within the same themes: mermaid, fairy and princess.

Until, at the age of 15, there was something that flashed in my head, just like a spark. I remembered where it all started: Barbie and her mermaid, fairy and princess outfits.

From there, I went back to watching Barbie movies and dancing to the songs from the movie musicals – I still do today!

In 2016, Mattel introduced something to Barbie’s style. They decided to modify her body shape. They included curvy, petite and tall sizes so they could show how different everyone was.

I’ve personally learnt so much through these dolls who are representing the world

The new style also showed the diversity between the races. I’ve personally learnt so much through these dolls who are representing the world.

Barbie has come a long way. She has shown us how to be independent, taken on different careers and shown us about equality. Most of all, she has shown how to be beautiful, chic, smart and fashionable.

The video link from Time shows how Mattel has changed the face of Barbie today.

By the year 2020, I thought about having Barbie dolls again and starting my own doll collection.

I have also created a YouTube channel about my love of Barbie and my doll collection. I have decided to do this because I felt inspired by other people’s passion for their own collections. I also felt nostalgic about the dolls I had as a child and excited about some new dolls I wanted to add to my collection.

In partnership with Harington, a charity supporting young adults with learning disabilities and/or difficulties into employment, further education or a more rewarding life.

Josie is a college student working on a retail course and has a big passion for dolls and figurines, writing and reading. Someday she would like to be an author.

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