Poem about friendship: A Beautiful Bond

April 6, 2023

Image by Cheryl Holt from Pixabay

Josie Ikhaine pays a loving tribute to her bestie

The day we found each other
We knew we would have hope for one another
As our connection starts to show
The more our friendship continued to grow

As we continued to share interests,
My heart tells me that you are the best
The hilarity of your laughter makes me filled with delight
For I have found the perfect light

Nothing can be more true
Then having a laugh with you
Our craziness is endless
Our jokes are momentous

I remember when you were in hospital
You were at boredom with the treatment of medical
As we phoned each other every day,
Your smiles and laughter came back straight away
Now we are the best of friends
May our friendship never end
The magical moments we share together
Will be in our hearts forever

In partnership with Harington, a charity supporting young adults with learning disabilities and/or difficulties into employment, further education or a more rewarding life.

Josie is a college student working on a retail course and has a big passion for dolls and figurines, writing and reading. Someday she would like to be an author.

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