How I met the stars on the red carpet

January 21, 2020

Stars that Brandon has met – photos by Nicki Styles (Mum)

Brandon Styles talks about his film premiere experience in London

I often go to film premieres because I like meeting film stars. I’ve been going since 2016 when I first met the cast of ‘Star Wars – Rogue One’ which is a great film. I went with Mum and I liked the experience so much because I met Mark Hamil who played Luke Skywalker. I wanted to go again so Mum found out where to get tickets and we visited a website called ‘What’s on the Red Carpet’ for another event.

If you want to do this, my advice is to go to the event early to pick up a wrist band from the security team. You need this to get into the holding pen which is an area that is exclusively for people who want to meet film stars. But you have to do lots of waiting around so we usually go to a coffee shop or to a fast food restaurant and I have chips.

My best moment was meeting the brilliant actress Judi Dench from the fantastic film ‘Murder on the Orient Express’ and asking for a photo. She was really nice and polite. It was a cold, dark evening with lots of waiting around and it seemed like ages but it was worth it. When I shook her hand it was really soft. I also met her a second time and she remembered me from the first premiere. It was nice she remembered me.

I have met other big stars such as Meryl Streep and Tom Hanks

I also got to meet Johnny Depp who I know from his ‘Pirates of the Caribbean’ films and have a photo with him. He’s nice. I asked about joining his crew but maybe he’d had one too many snifters of rum to respond.

When I meet film stars I can feel both nervous and excited because they are often my heroes and I don’t want to say something silly in front of them. Before I leave my house I dress very smartly or wear something relating to the movie. For example, I wore a Darth Vader outfit to the premiere of ‘Star Wars – Rogue One’ and it was fun. There were other people wearing costumes too.

I have met other big stars such as Meryl Streep and Tom Hanks who are very famous and have won lots of Oscars and Golden Globe awards.

I get lots out of going to premieres. It is lovely to meet film stars and also to meet other friendly people who like the same films and dressing up. If you would like to go to these events, then you should go online and find out when the next big event is. Good luck!

Brandon likes travelling. He has visited New York, Lake Bled in Slovenia, the Caribbean, Cyprus, Egypt and likes going to theme parks. He also likes films and going to the movies. His favourite film is Deadpool.

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