Lockdown poem: Covid-19 Shielding

July 28, 2020

Photos of Brandon coping with Covid; album image by congerdesign from Pixabay

Brandon Styles conveys how the pandemic is affecting a young person with medical needs

Change was forced upon me
Overnight I became restricted
Vulnerable because of my medical needs
Impacted my life and freedom
Daily news updates became more important and calling
119 could book you an appointment
90 days since lockdown…

Shielding must continue till August 2020
However things are progressing
It helped me discover new skills
Eventually I got used to the new “normal”, playing basketball
Learning to tend my vegetable patch, baking and spotting rockets in the sky
Days seem endless and all roll into one
I can now go outside, keeping a distance from others
Never going shopping but I can walk the dog
Good things have come during this pandemic, looking for the positives when there are many negatives…

Brandon likes travelling. He has visited New York, Lake Bled in Slovenia, the Caribbean, Cyprus, Egypt and likes going to theme parks. He also likes films and going to the movies. His favourite film is Deadpool.

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