Poem about finding love and piece: Aura

March 29, 2024

Image by Okan Caliskan from Pixabay

Jack Stylianou awakens to the universal energy within

Love yourself at this moment in time
Connect to heavenly energies
Concave discomfort due to lies
This human mind fills up a pool of worries 
Walking while the world rotates backwards 
Inhaling false needs 
To have our aura pushed to the ground 
A life that they want 
Not a life we need 
Circle to love and beyond 
No matter how many times I get on my knees 
Getting loving back is undisclosed
A man like me is hard to find 
Ain’t no narcissist, but wait till you feel my thick hair 
So bright but so lost 
Evil watches over me for that day come 
Letting drugs transfer the energies to where no man has gone 
When death comes, you’ll know if you’ve won 
No more for the past to hurt 
No more, for the pain to sit in 
Gain wisdom to ensure that this life is full of worth
No life should undergo mental slavery 
Challenging faith to be granted a master key 
The laws of the universe are within 
Process the ability and evolve 
Unlock the door; your new path is set to begin 
All problems are gone and solved
Feel the energies flow with love 
Express the nature of a morning glow 
Heaven is upon earth if you wish to see it
There should be no reason for hate and abuse 
That removes love from the soul 
Humans drink up hate like it’s their favourite juice 
Instead, see the darkness in a system-created hole 
Awaken ones must be ready for war 
Power up your aura with godly sea moss 
Turn away fools instantly 
If not, you’ll plunder with them 
Allowing yourself to be in a position of fear 
Break past your ego and show a different side of yourself 
Understand that your heart will find its way 
Death for the soul doesn’t exist
Death for the body will arrive soon 
Don’t judge yourself for wishing to have more time 
Life on Earth is Beautiful 
I feel your pain; I’ve been there 
Living can be rather unusual 
Mediate for the loving care 
Learn from the sorrows 
Implement those new ways into new choices 
To be one with all of the cosmos 
Make sure to love, create and sing in this moment of time 
Our auras have a mountain to climb.

Jack Stylianou is a computer science graduate interested in writing poetry and seeking knowledge on spirituality. “Thank you Exposure for letting the message be brought to light."

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