Poem about loss: Can You Hear the Silence?

March 29, 2021

Collage and photograph by Carlotta with other images by Mona from Pexels

Carlotta Midolo evokes memories and acknowledges the quiet of being alone once more

My gaze loses itself beyond my window
I see our memories
I see that I don’t own them anymore
I see them running through the streets
I see them captured
By a momentary rainfall

I look across the road
See their silhouettes in each other’s company
Remember it all happened right there
In the small corner of our universe – their universe now
It felt grander when it was you and me
when these memories were mine, ours

Then it all stopped. And still
I wonder if you can hear it like I can
We began talking to each other
Talking at each other, rather
We were only saying
Words we wanted to hear back

We were in this dark empty chasm
Eons apart
We still thought that our voices would carry
In fact I think they did, they travelled quite far
Touched cool tides below
Met in the middle

In that moment
They collided and destroyed each other

And still I wonder if you can hear it like I can
Isn’t that what we were trying to do anyway?
Destroy each other until we couldn’t distinguish
Darkness from our shadow
Of course I loved you
I think you loved me once too

But we chased the shadows to the end
Of our trace, our truce
It got to a point where bitterness rose so high
That it was the only thing we could see anymore
And so our voices carried and collided
Over and over. Losing communication

And still I wonder if you can hear it like I can
Can you hear the silence?

Carlotta is an undergraduate university student, studying Hispanic Studies and Comparative Literature. Passionate about photography, writing and music, she hopes to become an interpreter or a writer, one day, encouraging others, especially through her poetry, to express themselves by pursuing their interests and never giving up.

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