Poem about unrequited love: Platform

July 21, 2022

Photo of platform by Alex Sonmez with photograph of man by Sebastian Stam at Pexels

Alex Sonmez explores coping with heartbreak as he is left alone once more

Platform 2
I waited for you
The sunset came first
Then hurt showed up

I loved you before I knew
What love was
Platform 3
I thought you’d miss me

I thought you’d left in a hurry
I wasn’t on your mind
Not a priority
I left the train

You left me
You weren’t here to see
But the sun did
At least the sun paid me a visit

At least the sun doesn’t make me feel worthless
Platform 2
I’ve moved on
But not from you.

Alex is currently studying English Literature and Creative Writing at the University of Kent and hopes to be a journalist someday. He continues to work with Exposure, sharing his thoughts and feelings about the world.

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