Poem: Counting My Blessings

July 20, 2023

Image from Pixabay

Alex Sonmez explores reasons to be grateful during difficult times

Blessing #1
You are such a blessing,
I never take your bliss and holy skin for granted,
How can he leave you when you light
Up the room, in these dark days?

Blessing #2
People don’t know what a blessing is,
Until they witness it but you came out of the blue,
When I was bleeding with non-existent stars
You took me to the bright side of the moon.

Blessing #3
Please don’t be with another,
Your fragility makes my blue skin thicker,
Thanks to the red roses you laid upon it
Purple is my new favourite colour.

Blessing #4
You took all my flaws, and now I’m flawless,
I didn’t know what I was feeling
My feelings were nameless
So I named them after you.

Blessing #5
I’m not feeling sad, I’m not feeling happy,
I’m feeling blessed. I’m feeling connected to you
Love a word without meaning,
Soaking up every moment with you is a blessing.

Alex is currently studying English Literature and Creative Writing at the University of Kent and hopes to be a journalist someday. He continues to work with Exposure, sharing his thoughts and feelings about the world.

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